Awakening Women's Orgasm

Autore: Pala Copeland and Al Link - Editore: 4 Freedoms eBooks

Genere: Tantra and Sexuality
Pagine: 210
Anno: 2005
Isbn versione PDF: ISBN 0-9732873-6-5
Isbn versione LIT: ISBN 0-9732873-6-5

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- Beautifully erotic, tastefully explicit.
- Downloadable PDF and LIT Files and CD-ROM
- Internet Interactive Edition with more than 50 Color Photos & Line Drawings
- Easy to navigate with 110 Internal Links & 145 External Links

Women have a capacity for orgasm that is truly awesome. It is a power of pleasure that ranges from sweet to sublime to superlative and it is one that almost every woman can unleash. You simply need to learn a few new things and unlearn a few old ones.

In this eBook you will learn about the many different types of orgasm a woman's body is waiting to give her. You will understand that sex is more than physical, it is also an emotional and energetic experience.

Exercises for mind, heart and body help women open up to their sexual selves, on their own and with their partners. For example...

- Identify and Shift Your Sex-limiting Messages
- Getting to Know your Body and How it Responds
- Pelvic Lifts and Bounces: for flexibility and increased sensation
- The Big Draw: for powerful orgasms

There are explicit tips for lovers on how to make love to a woman. For example...

- What are the "hot spots" and when and how can you find them?
- How to give an extraordinary genital massage for pleasure and healing.
- What are the best intercourse techniques for maximum pleasure?

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