On The Web - Blog: A Star in the Net

Autore: Ely Galleani - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Blog
Pagine: 122
Anno: 2005
Isbn versione PDF: 978-88-7647-106-3

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Is he who doesn’t remember compelled to repeat the same mistakes?
Ely Galleani, former wife of Carlo Vanzina and actress, asks this to the readers of her Blog and together they follow the adventures of a seductive sixteen-year-old girl, a thirty-year-old vestal a keen of life under every form.
A year of tales strictly true have laid bare a lot of akward truths, the comments of the readers of the Blog have helped in understanding a life never saved up.
A book written four hands with the Net: it amazes the frankness, the immediacy, the steady pursuit of the truth and its understanding, often not easy!
Ely gets from the ideas of the Web to go on telling what she would have forgotten or, maybe, never done! The not told to someone has become public on the web.
Understanding: "why I always fall in love with the devils of this earth, why I am incredibly attracted by them, maybe because they are angels that have lost their wings or because they have a mark of absolute truth in their being damned, a challenge that I like to fight..." to transfer then knowledge in a wingbeat, in a click to improve life sharing other people’s ideas with ours.
Ideals for Ely are "Ideas with wings", parties of our progressing, of our desire of living better, of throwing light on the possible short cuts to achieve a better life, to live now, at once, in the near and only our time tangible: the present, with the teaching of the past and the dreaming of the future.
Signs of truth in ancient symbols, in hieroglyph, in our image in the mirror, in our loves lived to the very last, au Bout de Souffle, with the protagonists of the cinema of the Seventies and about.
A book to be written reading it.

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