The Body Collection n.1 - The Biceps Muscles - Color Photos

Autore: Antonella Lizza - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Originals
Pagine: 35
Anno: 2009
Isbn versione PDF: 978-88-7647-434-7

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Translation by Alessandro Lizza

"The Body collection" is a series of e-books containing collections of themed pictures, where the female muscular beauty is highlighted muscle by muscle through the interpretation of photographers.
Every e-book comes in two parts-each independent, one with colour pictures and one with black and white ones-and this first eBook is enriched by Antonella's personal reflections on biceps muscles.

In this First eBook of The Body Collection, «The Biceps Muscles» with personal thinkings of the author and her color photos

"Biceps are, among all muscles, the most noticeable ones as a proof of a successful weight training.
Shoulders can be developed by swimmers too as legs can also be strong in runners and abdominals are often visible in sedentary or slim people as well.
But arms are the typical emblem of who works out with weights; in fact when people say they do body building, often they are asked to show the biceps as evidence..."

Antonella Lizza, the author, works in the fitness world since 1983. She has many qualifications as a professional expert in weight training, bodybuilding and fitness. In 2006 she was rewarded with the Master doctorate honoris causa for sport from the Imperial Academy in Russia, MOSCOW UNIVERSITY SANCTI NICOLAI.
She is a teacher in many courses for trainers and update seminars for FIPCF-CONI, US-ACLI, LIBERTAS, CSEN, FIACF-IFBB and the Body Building National Academy of AICAP, AIC, NBBUI. A teacher for SIAF (Italian School of Aerobics and Fitness) for which she developed and created the material for the “course for weight and fitness trainers”. A personal trainer acknowledged by “Fitness first”.
Expert in body building and fitness, personal trainer, aerobics, stretching and watergym teacher, she leads classes of all levels: individual, group, master class, theoretical seminars and workshops. Antonella Lizza is Miss Universe 2009 (IBFA)

Don't forget to get the Second eBook with a technical essay of the author and new original black and white photos.

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