Autore: Anke Berns, Antonio González-Pardo, David Camacho - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Saggistica
Pagine: 19
Anno: 2011
Isbn versione PDF: 978-88-7647-719-5
Isbn versione Epub: 978-88-7647-720-1

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The present publication sets out to explore the use of Virtual Worlds combining with videogame-like applications in order to enhance the foreign language learning process. It shows the authors’ experiences with the design of a game-like application (The supermarket-game) in a 3-D virtual environment and its benefits for teaching German as a foreign language.The aim of the research project is to explore new ways of guaranteeing a highly interactive, motivating and effective environment to be used not only in a face-to-face learning, but also in an online learning context. The latter is considered to be complementary to, rather than different from the dynamic of the face-to-face learning situation. Furthermore, the paper combines theoretical research in language learning with an empirical evaluation of five language learning sessions during which students played The supermarket game.

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