TAKE MY RED NAIL VARNISH OFF - The story of Eva Peron

Autore: Maria Santini, translated by Clare Norman Cuzzer - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Originals
Pagine: 78
Anno: 2016
Isbn versione Epub: 978-88-9320-063-9

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Eva Perón is undoubtedly one of the Ladies over the Top.
She was a saint for those who not only loved but idolised her. Her pitiless enemies coined the famous phrase: her good works were done very badly but evil she did very well.
Heartfelt tears but also festive champagne flowed on the night after her death.
These were the feelings aroused by a woman called Eva, illegitimate and born into poverty in the Argentine countryside, after forgettable experiences became the charismatic consort of the President of the Republic and died young amidst her descamisados’ incredible scenes of despair.
Even after death her fragile mummy was destined to incredible adventures as it was a buttress for Peronism and potential danger for opponents of Peronism.
Jewel - laden and showy but willing to kiss the faces of the contagious sick: ill-mannered and domineering but a sincere supporter for women’s rights; reactionary and nepotistic but so fired with love for her people she cannot be considered a cynical opportunist. This was Eva.

Maria Santini,was born in Turin but has lived in Rome for many years. Her insatiable intellectual curiosity is a characteristic of this author who has many novels to her name and various biographical essays. All her books are published by Simonelli Editore.

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