Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... Elena Ceausescu: Queen of the Carpathians

Autore: Maria Santini, translated by Clare Norman Cuzzer - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Originals
Pagine: 57
Anno: 2016
Isbn versione Epub: 978-88-9320-070-7

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Scientist, Engineer, Medical Doctor and aspiring Nobel Prize winner. And Elena Ceausescu’s schooling ended in the third form. No need for these qualifications. When she received them she was already the very powerful wife of an all-powerful dictator. This was no vindication of being born into poverty and ignorance, Elena Ceausescu had no intention whatever of widening her knowledge, she was not interested. She had to be on the scene.
The people’s hatred for her derived from crimes committed against them, crimes which were much more serious than her vanity. After a farcical trial her life ended in a blood bath.

Maria Santini,was born in Turin but has lived in Rome for many years. Her insatiable intellectual curiosity is a characteristic of this author who has many novels to her name and various biographical essays. All her books are published by Simonelli Editore.

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