Not a single line - The Dante manuscript enigma

Autore: Maria Santini - Translated by Clare Norman Cuzzer - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Originals
Pagine: 405
Anno: 2018
Isbn versione Epub: 978-88-9320-145-2

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Maria Astrid, Lorenza, Jacqueline and Amira are four young women who were inseparable friends while they attended the exclusive Swiss finishing school. But one of them is now a little poorer though much more attractive than the others. She is also a schemer.
Someone has chanced upon a very old document which ,if proved authentic, would be immensely valuable, much more than the rarest diamond.
To what lengths will this character go to hold on to it? There are no limits, it seems, and there is a fatal episode for one of the victims.
Lorenza has good common sense but also ideals: her overwhelming passion leads her to unimaginable compromises so that she is incapable of discerning good from evil.

Maria Santini was born in Turin but has lived in Rome for many years. She has written books on historical figures as well as fiction and in a very winning, personal style has brought aspects of literature and history within the grasp of those attending school. Her range of interests is immense and always inviting. Among the books published by Simonelli Editore are the biographies of Matilde of Canossa, Liszt and Mariù Pascoli. For the readers of her many thrillers she is the Italian Agatha Christie.

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