Autore: Tommaso Basileo - Translated by Mary Lindon - Editore: Simonelli Editore

Genere: Originals
Pagine: 269
Anno: 2022
Isbn versione Epub: 978-88-9320-276-3

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This could be called a "total" novel: an attempt to enter into the mystery of things, to carry out a material survey of suggestive intensity.
The author manages to mix and to multiply the slopes, the bearings, the stories, the next and intimacy, the folly and wisdom. Puts to good use all the resources of a cutting-edge fiction: flash back to circularity, from monologue to the grotesque exaggeration. It comes out a teeming proliferation of ideas, images, the continuing explosion of literary material, through which the protagonist, offers interesting and sometimes haunting narrative gashes. In short: an exaggerated pastiche. Marco is the Navigator of an Odyssey, no hyperbole but immersed in a tornado of exciting experiences that run in 50 years ranging from postwar tothe present day. The tragic death of his wife Guandalee in a plane crash off Long Island, party attempting to revisit his lifetime: travelling, books and children fail to win the "tautologies of boredom and the nostalgia". The atmosphere of Rome, where he worked, the enchantment always live in New York or the magic of ancient India and a post-modern, fail toheal his torment. Hence the need to reconstruct and put in order his personal story, which as a side-effect has to return, through slow numbers, the spirit of a generation passed unscathed through 1968 and his awful reflux. The extravagant friendships for him that is a "quiet guy", the student protests, generational conflicts, loves warm and hot ones, the dropouts, solitary travel, different crafts for living are the main hubs of this novel really nice and addictive. In the middle of the 1980s the Bedlam through the mind an extravagant entertaining and profitable idea: to make the Ghost writer who writes on Commission of fake autobiographies Vip and puffed up television stars. Meeting with Guandalee, a gorgeous American model that would become the woman of his life, happens just by attending this environment. The sarcasm about the powerful and on power, the sounding of the Italian political reality, until the fireworks on the Italy of today interact with nuclei of life lived, to proceedto wards building a broader dialogue, which confers specificity antifiction thick.

Tommaso Basileo (Tripoli, 1948). He signed as a narrator “Baroque Melopee”, “Buds in search of springs” (2006) “The latitude of horses” (2015), “The antipodes of Penn Station”(2016); as a poet “Among amoebae and quasar” (2012); as an essayist “The project in open society” (1996), “Qadim and Giadid” (2006), “The company in Global Grid” (2012), “Clocks in the clouds” (2014), “We heirs of Athens” (2018). He has advanced training in management and strategic planning.

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